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Care and Purpose

Hello! I'm Amber, a UX/UI designer.

As a UX designer, I am on a mission to craft products that not only work effectively and improve the lives of others but also sprinkle a bit of joy into people's lives. Thanks to my background in education, I've honed skills in empathy and creative problem-solving, now translating them into the world of design. If you're looking for someone ready to dive into the design trenches, please reach out!

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UX Projects

Highlighted below, are a few of the UX/UI products that I have recently worked on.

GlowMate Thumbnails

A skincare app designed to help skincare users navigate the complicated world of skincare. GlowMate helps users develop effective and personalized skincare routines that include ingredients that are great for their skin needs and safe to use together.

A mobile-first website that enables groups of travelers to manage all of their travel plans, reservations, and files in one place.  

LinkedIn Mentorship Feature Thumbnails

Added Mentorship Feature: This feature was developed to enable professionals to easily connect with experts to seek career advice,  feedback, and coaching.

A live & responsive website designed and built for The Hair Colorist, a hair salon in South Carolina. 

The Hair Colorist Thumbnails
The Hair Colorist Thumbnails
The Hair Colorist Thumbnails
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