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Instructional Design Work

The instructional design works shown below were created with Articulate Storyline 360, Articulate Rise, and Canva.

Tips to Prevent Summer Slide in Early Readers (Ages 4-7)

Click on the following link to view a course made for parents of early readers. This course was made using Articulate Rise and Canva. 


Ocean Preservation Course

This short mini course was created using Articulate Storyline 360. This project uses layers, custom states, custom triggers, gamification, tabs, and a quiz in order to instruct learners on the importance of ocean preservation. 

Improve Customer Service

The following link showcases the Instructional materials and resources that I created for a customer service improvement event. These materials were created using Canva.

Education  Learning  Guides  and Aids

Click on the link below to view a few of the Instructional materials and resources that I created for  learners while working as an educator. 

Graphic Design Work

Click through the designs below to see some of the graphic design work I have created over the years. 

The Gallery

The works to the right were created with Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and Canva.

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